A premium speed LCD touch screen cabinet with a ultra high def 43″ monitor and a 27″ topper. Dual Logic PC Capability.

Muso Curve-55HB

The Muso Curve-55HB has a stunning new honeycomb LED display to attract players. Crafted with thoughtful touches to keep them comfortable. Designed for an unparalleled 55-inch full screen dynamic gaming experience.

Muso Triple-32

A stunning new honeycomb cabinet LED display to attract players. Thoughtful touches to keep them comfortable. All designed for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Muso Curve-43 Hybrid

Enhancing the gaming experience, the Muso Curve-43 Hybrid features breathtaking images on a vertical 43-inch J-style curved LCD monitor with a 27-inch LCD monitor topper. The stunning look of the unique LED web lighting is extended the full length of the cabinet. Player amenities include an expansive glass table button deck equipped with industry’s first Qi-standard wireless charger, USB charging port and a 13.3-inch LCD touchscreen. An integrated base adds a comfortable footrest and slant-top feel combined with lighting above the footrest continues the full-cabinet lightning experience.

Muso Triple-27 Hybrid

The Muso Triple-27 Hybrid contains three stacked 27-inch LCD monitors and the unique LED web backlighting now extends all the way to the floor. The integrated base adds a footrest and slant-top feel to this already stunning cabinet.

Muso Curve-43

A cutting-edge video slot cabinet that carries a vertical presentation with a 43-inch J-style curved LCD monitor.


Key Features

  • Using 500 Candela (luminous intensity) on a vertical 43-inch J-style curved LCD monitor creating a brighter display
  • Bass-reflex technology utilizing a powerful bass module that delivers superior sound and clarity
  • Equipped with Qi standard wireless charger and USB charging port
  • Expansive button deck glass table with a 13.3-inch LCD screen

Muso Triple-27

The award-winning Muso Triple-27 is a unique video slot cabinet that creates a stunning light display with its LED backlighting that gives a 360-degree presence on the casino floor. LED lighting continues behind the monitors and the edges along the three stacked 27-inch monitors. Thoughtful design continues along the Muso’s large glass-table button deck with a 13.3-inch LCD touchscreen interface, keeping player comfort in mind as well as innovation.

Muso Dragon

One of Aruze’s most dramatic and attention-grabbing cabinet and signage packages, the Muso Dragon features golden dragons that gracefully adorn this glowing signage. Legend says these majestic creatures bring luck to all who play.

Go Go Claw

Part of Aruze’s Activ-Play game line, this innovative game reimagines the player’s casino experience. In this unexpected blend of arcade and casino style play, a physical claw is used to attempt to place one of the prize balls in the collection bin, where (hopefully) a jackpot is unveiled. This lively and innovative take on a traditional slot machine captures the attention of all who encounter it.

Cube-X Vertical 80

Standing tall for all to see is the Cube-X Vertical 80! Of course, a 42-inch HD monitor display is a great idea but why not present the world with TWO stacked on top of one another? This gentle giant of a slot machine offers players excitement and entertainment unlike any other. It’s time to reach new levels of performance with Cube-X Vertical 80!


Key Features

  • First dual vertical high definition monitors to bring the most realistic visual experience
  • Equipped with a high-end graphics board to offer eye-capturing animations
  • New data compression technology provides smoother gaming