Muso Curve-55HB

The Muso Curve-55HB has a stunning new honeycomb LED display to attract players. Crafted with thoughtful touches to keep them comfortable. Designed for an unparalleled 55-inch full screen dynamic gaming experience.

Muso Triple-32

A stunning new honeycomb cabinet LED display to attract players. Thoughtful touches to keep them comfortable. All designed for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Muso Triple-27

The award-winning Muso Triple-27 is a unique video slot cabinet that creates a stunning light display with its LED backlighting that gives a 360-degree presence on the casino floor. LED lighting continues behind the monitors and the edges along the three stacked 27-inch monitors. Thoughtful design continues along the Muso’s large glass-table button deck with a 13.3-inch LCD touchscreen interface, keeping player comfort in mind as well as innovation.

Cube-X Plus

Cube-X Plus was developed specifically to meet the unique needs of the Australian market.

Cube-X Ultimate

The Cube-X Ultimate™ starts with a large mechanical wheel on top of a 24-inch high-definition monitor or Radiant Reels with a Liquid Crystal Display button panel. A next-generation processor board and operating system will provide the power and capability to accommodate innovative game features for years to come.